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Refinishing is the most affordable solution to updating your bathroom in Nanaimo and the surrounding areas of Vancouver Island.

Rather than demolish and install a new bathtub, tiles, and vanities we repair your existing metal, fiberglass or plastic surface to look new again.  We repair tiles and re-grout if necessary before applying a durable new white glaze.

The cost of removing and reinstalling a new bathtub to replace an outdated color can cost thousands of dollars in comparison to bathtub refinishing.  Include the cost and hassle of removing the old tub, purchase, and delivery of the new tub, plumber to disconnect and install new drainage, contractor to install new drywall, surround, grout and re-caulk. The total cost can exceed many thousands of dollars.

The Refinisher comes to you and repairs any existing chips, broken tiles, or grout and removes the old caulking.  We then prepare the areas by masking and taping prior to applying a durable gloss white tub glaze to the existing bathtub, tiles, sink and surround. The re-glazed bathtub is polished and re-caulked for as little as $350 in some cases.

For a total bathroom remodel we spray and refinish your vanity cabinet doors with a gloss or satin white urethane. Vanity tops can be repaired and refinished with our custom stone effect finishes.  If required, we paint your walls with a mold resistant wall paint to complete the bathroom remodeling in Nanaimo or surrounding areas of Vancouver Island, BC.

Bathtub chipped or stained?

Our repair service comes to you and repairs damage on fiberglass, cast iron, steel and acrylic bathtubs, sinks, toilets and tile.


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We restore public washrooms, repair chips, cracks and broken tiles before applying a new gloss white glaze. This glaze will outperform do-it-yourself kits and is guaranteed.

Your guests will appreciate our work!

sinks refinished

Preparation is the key to any successful refinishing.  All work is carried out onsite with the surrounding areas taped and masked.  We use commercial exhausts and dust free vacuums fitted with HEPA filters to contain and control dust.

Frequently Asked Questions…..

What styles of bathtubs can be refinished?

All styles of tubs including claw foot, walk-in, soaker, and spas are restored and refinished.  Our proven system is also used to refinish your toilet bowl, cistern or sink to look new again.  Our methods and products can restore and refinish all surfaces in your bathroom.

How long will the process take?

Preparing and refinishing one standard bathtub and basin can be completed in just one day.

For commercial clients, we complete the refinishing of your public washrooms before or after business hours to minimize disruption to your clients.

How long until we can use our tub and bathroom again?

We ask you to remove all personal items from the bathroom prior to our arrival.  If you notice dripping faucets, please let us know beforehand. After completion of your bathtub, we secure the area to allow the product to cure overnight.  You may now use your bathroom.  We leave you with detailed care instruction after completion of your bathroom.

Are you able to replace the bath plug and faucet?

We recommend not removing the drain.  Damage to the hidden pipes can occur during removal if the pipes are old and brittle. We will discuss the best option without removing.  We can suggest new hardware including taps, plugs, and faucets.

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