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We repair and refinish existing counter-tops and vanities using a variety of methods and finishes.  For old and dated laminate counter-tops we come to you and repair any chips or cracks prior to sanding and applying our custom range of stone effect finishes.

As we complete all work on site without removing the kitchen counter-tops and bathroom vanity clients save both time and money.

Installing a new stone counter-top is a very involved and expensive process that may not be necessary for those looking for an updated look on their existing kitchen and bathrooms. Wood and timber bench tops can be sanded to remove the existing worn and scratched finish before applying a new food safe wood oil or spray coating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you create a lot of dust?

We use the latest methods to reduce air borne dust created during the refinishing process. Extractor fans and blowers are used to remove airborne dust and low VOC paint fumes from the home while we work to complete your new stone look counter-tops.

How long will the process take?

The process of completely repairing cracks, chips, sanding, polishing and refinishing the average kitchen counter top will take one day. The products and materials we use are extremely durable and provide a new look stone or granite finish on old, damaged and dated laminate counter tops and vanities.  The following day you will be able to use your new counters again.

Will we need to vacate the premise while work is carried out?

It is our aim to make as little impact to your normal daily life as possible. Only the areas we are working in will be sealed off and protected during the refinishing process. If we are refinishing your kitchen countertops, cabinets and doors, only the kitchen area will be unusable.

How long will the refinished countertop last?

We are professionally trained and use modern finishing products to provide a durable new stone or granite look to your existing countertops. The manufacturer allows us to provide a 5 year warranty against delamination, in reality the new surface will last many years more. We will provide a detailed care guide after the completion of your new countertops.

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