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WHY replace?

We Refinish your existing doors and drawers. 

Save up to 75% on the cost of replacing!


Kitchen refinishing.

Before replacing your kitchen, talk to the owner about refinishing.  

The Refinisher repairs cracks and chips before applying gloss or satin spray finishes.  

Our mobile service comes to you and completes all remodelling work in one simple process.  No need to call multiple trades.

Our advance system is backed by our written – 5 year warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of refinishing our cabinets and doors?

We use your existing kitchen and transform it into a modern showpiece. Rather than remove and replace your kitchen which is expensive and time-consuming involving many different trades and processes.  We restore and refinish your existing kitchen and cabinets by removing all hardware including door handles and hinges before repairing cracks and chips.  We then apply a urethane spray finish that is available in several white tones, gloss or satin.  Our patented finishes are guaranteed to outperform any do-it-yourself kit or paint product. The difference between our simple process and replacing or refacing is the cost, up to 80%!

How long will the process take?

Removing, repairing and refinishing kitchen doors and drawers vary on the size and number of cabinets. We discuss the process of transforming your kitchen based on the condition and size.  Refinishing your kitchen will save time and money in comparison to replacing. Up to 80%! Please talk to The Refinisher about how we can refinish your kitchen to look new again.

Will we need to vacate the premises while work is carried out?

Your kitchen will be unusable during the refinish. We will mask and seal the kitchen before we use any of our dust free advanced turbine spray equipment.  All spray equipment is connected to commercial exhaust fans and barrier systems to ensure that our refinishing service remains dust free and environmentally friendly.  There is generally no need to vacate your home during our simple one-stop system.

How long will our cabinets last?

The Refinisher guarantees our products will not peel or delaminate. Refinishing doors and drawers will prolong the life of your kitchen for as long as 15 years, often longer.  If an accident occurs and your cabinets are damaged or chipped, a discounted repair service is available.


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