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After years of working on various refinishing and resurfacing projects,
I have come across many products and manufacturers.

I have selected Topkote’s range of finishes to guarantee
all refinished surfaces will last for many years to come.

I support local business in Nanaimo and the Mid-Island area
for all other business materials and equipment.


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Counter-top Stone Accents

Maintenance guide and warranty

Our finishes and glazes may be complicated to produce and require a professional to apply but the maintenance of tub glazes and cabinet coatings is simple if clients follow our simple guide. The biggest problem home renovators and do it yourself products face is a failure due to delamination.  Delamination of the coating and the surface it is applied to is the biggest problem in refinishing.  The Refinisher chooses to use products that are guaranteed by manufacturers not to fail.  Our finishes are only available to professional accredited contractors to ensure they are applied correctly and safely. After completion of our bathtubs, kitchen cabinets and counter tops we will provide specific maintenance guides to ensure the surface is cared for in a way that protects the finish from premature wear.  In most cases, a simple wipe over with a damp cloth on a weekly basis will keep the finish clean and protected.  In all cases, we do not recommend harsh chemicals that can dull the finish.  Keep soap dispensers and bottles off the tub to prevent premature wear of those areas. Rather than place bathtub non-slip pads on your tub, ask us to apply a non-slip coating when we carry out the refinishing process.  These are a few of the simple steps that maintain the look of your bathtubs and also protect the manufacturer’s warranty.

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