The refinisher sets out to produce the best possible finish on all our prepared surfaces.

Industry standards in refinishing allow for minor imperfections due to work being carried out in an uncontrolled environment. Your surfaces will not be finished in commercial factory vacuum spray booths. These imperfections may include dust particles, slight gloss variations, hair, debris, insects or any foreign matter that may settle into the wet finish.  Your surface will not be finished in the same way as factory finished surfaces.

We take care to remove and clear any residual dust from the premises. It is expected that some dust particles may remain within your home.

We do not guarantee the finishes used will be identical to samples or photos you have viewed.  Samples and photos are intended as an indication of what to expect only. Incandescent, sunlight and fluorescent light will affect the look, color and gloss level of the final finish.

Final results will depend on the original condition of the surface.